Our workflow

How we create flow, great mobile solutions and engaged employees

Our values

Our guiding principles on how we relate to one another, in order to create tomorrows mobile first solutions that create value for us and for our clients.

We are self-starters that make things happen because we don’t expect to see a change if we don’t make one. We join the ride into the unknown, and we take the driver’s seat when needed. We are not afraid to ask for directions if we get lost and we fuel ourselves all the way until we reach our destination.
We have both solution and business in mind and recognize that quality in a product is not what you put in to it, it is what the customer gets out of it. We have a pragmatic approach and we adapt “good enough” to the given circumstances.
We communicate and collaborate with others because we understand that great ideas can come from anyone and that the best solutions are the result of the contribution of multiple minds.

Collaboration and decision making

We are a small close knit team that likes to collaborate with each other cross functionally. Our non-hierarchical organization allows us all to come with input and influence and make decisions quickly and efficiently.  

We do it agile

We typically work in 2 week sprints that are preceded by sprint planning meetings where the whole project team meet and plan the sprint. We finalize our sprints with an internal demo and have client demos on a ongoing basis.  We value having a close collaboration with our clients throughout our projects and like all things agile we continuously retrospect and adapt our process to continue to improve our ways of working.

Daily stand ups

We start every morning at 9.00 with a quick common stand up where everyone shares what they will be working on that day.  A great opportunity to understand what your colleagues are doing and struggling with and offer your help if needed. 

Friday praise

On friday afternoons we retrospect the week that has past and praise each other for great deeds that we have appreciated. A forum to give each other well deserved recognition and a nice  way to wrap up the week.   

Monthly meetings

A forum where the whole team meet and news and updates are shared so that everyone is up to date with what is happening in the company. A great opportunity to also celebrate our efforts and accomplishments.  


We like attending hackathons and have also hosted our own internal hackathon where we among other things have built our own cookie counter. Be sure to check out our dream teams contribution in the #nowwhat-hack and our current cookie count stats on our website. 

Lunch & learns

We love learning new things, and enjoy all forms of knowledge sharing. We therefore welcome and support colleagues that want to host a lunch & learn about something they are curious or passionate about. We've had sessions covering everything from techy stuff like react native and arduino to the agile manifesto and gender norms. 

ACE:ing your performance and development

ACE is our process for enabling great performance and development and it starts with you setting up goals for yourself to be reached that year. On a monthly basis you will have a check-in dialogue with your manager where you discuss progress, feedback and actions. At the end of the year you do a full year retrospect on your performance and development giving you the important opportunity to reflect and see how far you have come. 

Our development playbook

We have a development process that we follow which includes our coding standards, definition of done, code reviews to ensure a unified way of working that is efficient and secures quality. 


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