Erik Hedrenius

Erik Hedrenius

iOS Developer, React Native Developer – Development

I love computers, code, nerding around, music composition and production, 3d software and stuff like that. I spent a few months playing with shader code not too long ago. That was fun. I’ve always been a gamer too.

I suddenly became a house owner, so I’m out shopping for a good surveillance system right now. Intruders will be electrified, or something, we’ll see what I can find.

I recently made some procedural/semi-generated music, I will explore that a bit more. It was a nice experience to hear the music you make get a life of its own.

I mostly work with iOS and Swift and I have a couple of music apps made with AudioKit laying around waiting for me to publish them. When the time is right, that will happen. I may also find something else to do with my free time, laying on the couch watching youtube is a favourite.

I don’t use social media sites like myspace and twitter.

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